UCWEB6: Fast internet Browsing!


So you thought Opera Mobile was the fastest internet browser around?

It seems that UCWEB6 is a new alternative for fast internet browsing.

Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Opera, the differentiator factor is the speed, where Opera is fast UCWEB6 can perform even faster.

I tried it for myself and took two HTC Touch Diamonds and ran a few test races 🙂

Final winner is UCWBE6 for speed, Opera for best rendering and website compatibility.

UCWEB6 is free, while Opera Mobile costs 19,00eur, though you have the free beta version 9.5

Video chat with VZOmobile


VZOchat is a free video call and conferencing service that works on the PC, and now also has a Windows Mobile client!

I’ve been testing it on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and it works well despite a small delay. When someone calls you, it almost like a normal phone call, since it uses the same Ring tone that you have defined for normal phone calls.

In case you wish to test it yourself, you can install the desktop version by downloading it here, and the mobile version is here.

Be aware that only windows Mobile 5 and above devices are supported and they must have a 400Mhz processor or above.

Increase your HTC Diamond battery life


Ricardo Chaves from pocketpt.net wrote an article about nueDynamicClock which is a software that allows the user to control the CPU Clock.

But unlike many CPU Clock management software, this application doesn’t allow over clocking, instead it helps the user define an inferior clock speed than the normal one so that the battery doesn’t get drained out so fast.

The software also works with any device with Qualcomm MSM7201A or MSM7501A processors, meaning you can use it with the HTC PRO, Touch HD and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

If you wish to try this software you can do it for free by downloading it here.

Star Trek Medical Tricorder = Windows Mobile + Research + Microsoft

ultrasom2  DC17743lg

Remember the Stark Trek Medical Tricorder?

Well it seems that this piece of science fiction as become reality thanks to Windows Mobile!

A research team at the University of Washington in St. Louis, as developed an ultra-sound imaging system that is connected to a Windows Mobile device via USB and allows the viewing and capture of ultra-sound images. 


According to the Crunch Gear, this project was made possible by Microsoft which made a 100k grant, and the application of this technology will be the third world where its to expensive to have normal ultrasound machines:

“It’s meant to be used in developing countries, where stationary machines are too expensive, but cell phone coverage is expanding. Local doctors could take an ultrasound or what have you, beam it to a central location where a specialist can diagnose, and then hear back an hour later — all from the field. And you know that the military would like to get their hands on a few as well”

It would also be great to have a consumer version that would check your health on a weekly basis and communicate the results to your doctor or insurance company. What do you think?

Cortado View, Print and Fax service


Cortado is offering a Fax and printing service for Windows Mobile devices.

With Cortado Print and Fax you can:

  • Fax documents in true format
  • Print documents via Bluetooth or infrared
  • Create and send faxes incl. an image of your signature using fax templates

    You can also receive faxes, but unfortunately this service is only available, at the moment, in Canada and in the United States.

    This service has a cost of 8.98, and you can test it for free.

    To learn more about this service, click here.

    Exchange Server 2010 beta download and what’s new


    I’d like to thank my colleague Rui Silva for the weekend reading he pointed out in his blog, where I just found out about the availability of the new Exchange Server 14 or better yet Exchanger Server 2010 Beta download.

    Before you run like crazy to download the file, take a quick look at the what’s new in Exchange Server 2010 list here.

    And here is a new feature which I am almost sure will be supported for Windows Mobile:

    Text messaging (SMS) integration

    Have a nice weekend!

    Pocketnow.com unboxed the new Diamond 2


    Brandon Miniman from PocketNow.com has just posted a video on Youtube where he shows the unboxing of the Touch Diamond 2.

    Some of his early comments on the machine include:

    1. Screen sensitivity improvements over the first version of the Diamond
    2. Poor build quality
    3. Stylus is not magnetic
    4. The device’s back is no longer diamond shaped
    5. It records in true vga video

    You can read more here.