Windows Marketplace better than Apple App Store

According to, it seems that overall Microsoft’s Marketplace will top Apples App Store, read on:

“All in all, Marketplace for Windows Mobile is an emulation of the app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s really hard to argue otherwise.
That said, there will be some differentiating factors between the two, and some of them are starting to surface now. Here are two as spotted at wmpoweruser that makes Marketplace stand about the Apple app store.
Users can return apps and get a refund within 24 hours
This is a totally sweet policy. I’ve purchased several apps for my iPhone (which is currently collecting dust) to only regret doing so several hours later when I find that the app didn’t suit my needs. To be able to return the app within 24 hours is a great way to be sure I’m not wasting money.
Users can bill an app purchase to their Markplace account or to their cell phone bill
This will encourage more people to download apps if they have the option to be billed to their phone bill. Carriers use this practice all the time when you download their proprietary software. Of course, this option may need to be supported by the carrier.”

Despite being late it might make up the lost time, don’t you think so?

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