Samsung Valencia – first impressions…


I have just received a Samsung GT-C6625, aka Valencia.

This is a Windows Phone running the Standard version of Windows Mobile, and has a very fashionable and cool design.

Half of the body is metallic and the other half rubberized black. Thin and lightweight with a sturdy construction this device also has a very well shaped QWERTY keyboard.

The GPS is one of the main attractions, but the gorgeous screen is indeed nice to look at, especially with the Samsung widget, which I will demo shortly on a next post.

I will be posting some more considerations, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Valencia – first impressions…”

  1. Hello,

    i have also received my C6625 🙂

    have you check the gps function ? i have tried 2 navigations programs, both are found the gps port but it reveived no signal for the gps fix.

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