Star Trek Medical Tricorder = Windows Mobile + Research + Microsoft

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Remember the Stark Trek Medical Tricorder?

Well it seems that this piece of science fiction as become reality thanks to Windows Mobile!

A research team at the University of Washington in St. Louis, as developed an ultra-sound imaging system that is connected to a Windows Mobile device via USB and allows the viewing and capture of ultra-sound images. 


According to the Crunch Gear, this project was made possible by Microsoft which made a 100k grant, and the application of this technology will be the third world where its to expensive to have normal ultrasound machines:

“It’s meant to be used in developing countries, where stationary machines are too expensive, but cell phone coverage is expanding. Local doctors could take an ultrasound or what have you, beam it to a central location where a specialist can diagnose, and then hear back an hour later — all from the field. And you know that the military would like to get their hands on a few as well”

It would also be great to have a consumer version that would check your health on a weekly basis and communicate the results to your doctor or insurance company. What do you think?

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