UCWEB6: Fast internet Browsing!


So you thought Opera Mobile was the fastest internet browser around?

It seems that UCWEB6 is a new alternative for fast internet browsing.

Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Opera, the differentiator factor is the speed, where Opera is fast UCWEB6 can perform even faster.

I tried it for myself and took two HTC Touch Diamonds and ran a few test races 🙂

Final winner is UCWBE6 for speed, Opera for best rendering and website compatibility.

UCWEB6 is free, while Opera Mobile costs 19,00eur, though you have the free beta version 9.5

8 thoughts on “UCWEB6: Fast internet Browsing!”

  1. I installed on Samsung i450, but it does not initialise even for 10 mins. It fails. What to do? Skyfire says uninstall 0.6, but I don’t have one. Bolt is unsupported. Opera mini etc. also not supported. Which browser should I use?

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