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  1. Pretty good looking phones. Just bought a new C6625 4 days ago. Battery drained very fast, less than 3 hours (from fully charged till low batt alert shows up) and on stand by mode. Samsung service guy kept it for two days and sent it back and claimed nothing wrong with the phone. Problem still the same. Anybody has the same problems? herman@agip.co.id

  2. For battery life, see on the Task Manager. If you had a lot of background application running, close it down. Just run the necessary apps.

    Windows Mobile doesn’t close application unless you do it on the Task Manager, so it maybe those background apps that drained your battery life. CMIIW.

  3. How do you change the ringtone setting so that it starts ringly loudly? At the moment it starts ringly quietly for a few seconds before going to the volume I set.

  4. I use samsung GT-C6625.. And i like this phone… but sometimes the battery is drained very fast.. and I’ve been downloaded facebook application on Windows Mobile.. why it can be instaled on samsung GT-C6625??
    This is my problem now..

  5. Nice looking ..and that’s it … oo and good GPS.
    Bad battery, bad camera(no flash) but the pictures made on daylight looks good. I didn’t find any version of PC Studio compatible with this phone and due the lack of functions comming with active sync the phone is not more usable than ordinary one.
    Battery is very very bad …
    Originaly my phone was locked in vodafone network but because it was imposible for me to connect to the internet with this phone I unlocked the phone with new firmware and I tried the gprs connection in ohter networks ..and nothing good happends. I managed to connect to the internet using cable and when I tried to update windows on my device but it was imposible to connect with update server.
    Another bad thing is with my 8 gb microsd card it has huge latency that is very obvious when I try to save pictures from camera (it tooks 35-60 seconds). This card works very well with other phones.
    I tried to mail Samsung asking for support and software but no answer.
    So in conclusion I don’t recomend this phone unless you use it only as GPS and is all the time charged ( you have to cary all the time cherger plug with you LOL)

  6. i have purchased gt c6625 samsung .i tried to contact list of mobiles i failed to see on computer. and also i want to edit the phone book but i failed plese inform on

  7. Battery problem is because of the external storage card. i recently got my GT C6625 serviced and now the battery is running good for almost 2 days.

  8. This is reply for
    re: Samsung GT-C6625 review
    Thursday, December 10, 2009 11:24 AM by Baboi Furios

    1 st add profile for your new internet service provider.
    thna got to setting > connections > keep cursor on GPRS
    than go to Menu > Advanced in this choose your profile for internet connection instead of Vodaphone profile.

    I am sure this will solve your problem..

    Kaushik Gotecha

  9. The camera has got disabled in the Samsung GT-C6625 handset I purchased recently. Can someone suggest a way to enable the camera function.

  10. C6625 is a super phone but with a hell of a Battrey. Samsung has gone mad to sell this wonderful phone with a rotten battrey. Is there any solution to this? My phone’s battrey gets drained thrice a day & the hell it cant get any worse.

    If any of you have suggestion please post here. Samsung as usual has no answers to their own problem.


  11. pls any body can help me, I am on travel in Ghana and I want to use MTN phone cellular operator, in my Samsung GT C 6625,
    I hv tire to try , I cant managed get internet connection , also i can change the connection , before was Indonesia telkomsel.

    Is there the phone we buy from Indonesia cannot use with another phone operator

  12. Dear Samir,
    Same problem I faced yesterday.. in my Samsung GT-C6625.
    but it resolved on restarting (Power Off-On) handset.

    hope u to also resolve same way.


  13. Please anybody help me…. I have Samsung GT C6625, I feel not comfortable when appear on the display
    CBMsg(4195) bla…bla..blaa

    CBMsg(50) CIRACAS

    CBMsg(50)tolgate TMII

    CBMsg(50)Kramat jati

    Almost every minute …come appear ….how to clear it and make it not appear again.

    THank you

  14. # re: Samsung GT-C6625 review
    Tuesday, November 23, 2010 7:37 AM by Budi Setiadi

    Please anybody help me…. I have Samsung GT C6625, I feel not comfortable when appear on the display


    CBMsg(4195) bla…bla..blaa


    CBMsg(50) CIRACAS


    CBMsg(50)tolgate TMII


    CBMsg(50)Kramat jati

    Almost every minute …come appear ….how to clear it and make it not appear again.

    THank you

    Hai… try to go “setting”, “Phone”, “all calls”, “Channels”, untick “enable channels, untick “Recive channels list”.

    my be solve your plroblem

  15. Hello plzz help me as my samsung gt6625 hangs itself.. ppl call me and it doesnt show its ringing or doesnt receive any msg but i am able to call other ppl… it all started whn i downloded a call blocking software but dint installed it. and even removed it. i tried reseting the phone it formatted that software is not there but this problem is veru frequent. if i restrt thephone it works for 1hr and then agn sameissue. can i reload the windows frm any site or any other solution plzz help…

  16. How do I use this Samsung GT-C6625 to connect to PC via USB and start browsing on the PC. Standalone browsing on the device is working as of now.
    Requesting your help.

  17. this phone is giving endless no service problems – been for repair twice just for 2 days back from repairs and yet same problem no service – if you can advice about the settings or if you had the same problem please i need some help this phone is making me sick

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