Visual Studio 2010 will not support Smart Device Development


I was trying out the new Visual Studio 2010 Beta with support for the new .NET FX 4 Beta, and have just found out that Microsoft has not included the support for Smart Device Development such as Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Although this might come as a surprise to some, if you think about it, this seems like the logical step towards being on the same level as the competitors Apple and Google that provide free IDE’s for developers to write code for their mobile platforms.


This could very well also be the correct time to introduce some new tools and controls that developers have been anxious to have in order to make their applications look more cool.

I guess we will have to wait and see…

4 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2010 will not support Smart Device Development”

  1. yeah, i have always wanted to write some software for my windows phone and i am not afford to buy those damn expsensive VS (gosh, i only plan to write some software using my spare time after works, why i need to buy the very expensive VS?), but the stupid micro$oft seems like never care what is the potential of the freelancer developers on its mobile platform…

    more and more ppl will switched to Android, forced by M$.

  2. For industrial applications (or in other words for applications that run on “handheld terminals and ruggedized devices”), supposedly the former Windows Mobile OS images are moving to the embedded team, possibly (I assume) for feature integration into a future Windows CE build, as mentioned at:

    If so, can an industrial application developed for a current “handheld terminal and ruggedized device” running Windows Mobile soon be re-compiled using a future Windows CE SDK in Visual Studio 2010 and still work in the former Windows Mobile on that device?

  3. it doesnt look like they are planning to support the compact framework. but on the other hand we shouldnt think microsoft would just let their considerable influence in this arena just go to pot. i suspect we will see some kind of plugin or a hybrid 3rd party supported product that was instigated by an ex-microsoft guru. take the install shield product for instance…on or about the time of vb6 crossing over into vs 2003 their install product was complete rubbiah – a bare minimum offering, then we saw a new product on the market – install shield, the brainchild of an indian bloke(i forget his name) who used to work for microsoft.

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