TIP: Download YouTube Videos


This is something we are used to do on the PC, but now that we can easily view YouTube videos on our devices thanks to browser support and other apps, why not download them?

In order to download videos, you can use Web Video Downloader, aka WVD.

Here are some features:

– Compatible with most popular websites.
– Search by keywords or categories.
– Support search results by detail or thumbnail.
– Support thumbnail animation to preview videos.
– Allows to stream or download videos from websites.
– Support many video formats.

Well start downloading it here.


Source: MobileSpoon

Mobiwee: On-line backup services round-up – UPDATE


It seems there is one more service to add to this list and its name is mobiwee.

With this new service running in Beta you can:

  • Send SMS’s from your PC
  • Set-up your email on your device automatically
  • Install applications from your PC Wirelessly (cool!)
  • Backup SMS’s, favorites, contacts
  • Browse files in your device from your PC

It seems these services are getting better all the time, you can try mobiwee for free here.

More on Flexilis


It seems that Flexilis is quite interesting, it has some nice features for missing devices such as “Locate” “Scream” and “Nuke”:

Locate: Click the ‘Locate’ button to locate your device and the map on this page will display the location of your device.

Scream: Click the ‘Scream’ button to cause your device to produce a loud noise to help you find it or annoy everyone nearby.

Nuke: Click the ‘Nuke’ button to erase all data from your device. Use this if someone else has your device and you want to prevent them from gaining access to private information.
Note: Nuke requires a hard reset.

Check out more at Flexilis.com

On-line backup services round-up

  dashwire_logo   microsoft-my-phone-logo  flexilis

It seems that more and more companies are beginning to offer on-line backup services for Windows Mobile Devices and in some cases other devices.

First we saw Dashwire arise with a cool innovative, complete and very easy to use backup service that allows a user to backup photos, SMS’s, Call logs, Videos, and even do a twist of social networking.

Then Microsoft’s My Phone arrived, now MyPhone is pretty cool because it integrates very well with Outlook Mobile, and allows you to backup documents, music and access it anywhere anytime, and since its a Beta, it looks promising…

Now we have Flexilis which not only gives you access to an account with 1.5GB of free storage, but will also track your device if its lost and remote wipe it. Oh, and you still get an Anti-virus and Firewall service.