Windows Phone 7 presented at MWC!


Yesterday Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the Windows Phone 7 platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and by the hands of Joe Belfiore the world watched the WVGA goodness and glory of the new Zune like Windows Phone 7.

Now for those Windows Mobile fanatics, this might be a huge difference, since everything is new! You might even be put of by the simplicity of the interface, but believe me that in the end of the day it is simpler to get to your information, and its totally finger friendly and beautiful.

The “tiles” are now our best friends, as an opposite to the “panels”, and all information appears on these tiles which might be customizable in color and content. Also they are animated and populated by feeds from services like Facebook, Windows Live and many others.


Then you have the “Hubs” People, Games (with Xbox Live integration), Music and Videos (with Zune integration), Pictures, Office, and there will be a Marketplace hub!

One of the demos I most enjoyed was the Search + Bing feature which really takes searching for information while mobile to a whole new level: with Bing maps integration a local contents, the device is aware of the place you are and displays information related to your search which is nearer to you.

Also the Office Hub with SharePoint integration looks very promising and I can’t wait to try the games with Xbox Live integration.

In the end of the day Microsoft delivered, silenced the most skeptics and made all techies and geeks shout out of their lungs “I want it!” 🙂

Now for the downside: we still have to wait a few months, until the 2010 holiday season to have a Windows Phone 7 Series device. Meanwhile, Microsoft promised they are not stopping here and much more interesting features will be added, and what we saw was only a sample of what we might expect.


If you want to see the press-conference video click here, I also encourage you to visit the new and watch some of the great videos posted there.