HD2 default SMS inbox


HTC is always trying to improve the user interface for the benefit of the costumer. Generally  I agree with this and it pretty much works out great.

However not everything is perfect and the worst part for me is when these improvements end up sacrificing Windows Mobile features.

The new SMS application from HTC might be simple to use, but it leaves out behind a feature some businesses might have been relying on: the Exchange SMS sync feature, so you loose the Outlook SMS synchronization.

By default, even you check the box on Activesync to sync Text Messages, these just wont sync on the HTC2.

In order to solve this you must go back to the default Windows Mobile SMS interface.

Fortunately a member of XDA-Developers came out with a CAB that allows to reverse to the traditional SMS inbox.

After you install this CAB, you will have the ability to check you SMS’s on your inbox and your SMS’s will be synced back to your Exchange account and thus to your Outlook inbox.

Be advised however that you will loose MMS capabilities, and you must install a third party app in order to bring back this feature.

To download read more about this fix click here.

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