Voip clients for Windows Mobile


Nowadays there is a plethora of VOIP services that have different plans and prices.

These might help you save some money while travelling abroad in business or in vacation, so why not get prepared before you travel and check out which services offer a client that works on your Windows Phone?

Here is a list of some of the most known services, if you feel like I left an important one behind, go ahead and comment this post.

Fring: http://www.fring.com/download/

Skype (IM+): http://www.handango.com/catalog/ProductDetails.jsp?storeId=2218&deviceId=2411&platformId=30&productId=208615

VOIP.com: https://www.voip.com/mobile_winmobile.asp

Vbuzzer: http://www.vbuzzer.com/mobilevoip/wm/mobilevoip_wm6_install.php

VoipSwitch: http://www.voipswitch.com/wp/?page_id=1609

Yeigo: http://www.yeigo.com/


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