Samsung Omnia i8000 (Omnia 2) customization app

This is still an early Alpha, but I wanted to share in order to get some feedback to see if its worth to keep developing it.

This small aplication allows owners of Samsung the Omnia 2 or i8000, or even the Samsung Omnia Pro to personalize wether they prefer the Windows Mobile traditional look and feel and at the same time maintain some of the Samsung apps.


  • Apply the default Titanium items list on the home screen
  • Switch easily between themes
  • Show/Hide Windows Mobile Settings
  • Show/Hide Samsung e-mail form
  • Show/Hide Samsung SMS form
  • Activate/Deactivate Threaded SMS


  • Fix theme (appears some gray areas that should be white due to bad Hex conversion to the registry)
  • Add MMS Arcsoft
  • Some minor updates such as application icon

I am open to any suggestions/help


Download here

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