Why Google Maps suck


I’ve had some previous bad experiences with google maps, but I’m the kind of guy that always gives the benefit of the doubt to all products I test.

I have used google maps previously with success, in fact, most of the times I’ve used it I had no problems.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t enough to let me forget all the times I had to loose time and money, and even my sanity because of relying on am unprofessional and erroneous service.

Why do I say this? well because I’ve used GM on the past on several ways and platforms, from the PC to my personal navigator and on my Windows Phone.

Lets start with the PN. I have a Tom Tom One Go Live 950, and I used Google’s search on it. On several occasions the information simply just isn’t accurate. Imagine being late at night trying to reach your hotel to get some sleep and you find yourself desperately going in circles searching for a Hotel that just isn’t there on the middle of a rough neighborhood miles away from the place where the hotel really is. When you actualy get to the Hotel (after asking to some cops on the side of the road), you finally go to bed, but its just to late for you to get some decent sleep.

Imagine wanting to eat, and searching for a mall that is in the wrong place.

Worst: Imagine planning trip, and your hotel location is totality off from what Google is advertising.

This happened to me. A few days ago I went to Madeira Island in Portugal, I thought I’d save a few bucks if I planned the trip myself. So gave myself to the trouble along with my wife to search for the airline, the Hotel, the works.

On the Hotel part, I relied on Google Maps, and found the perfect candidate on the center of Funchal.

Whe we got there, we got a cab to take us to the Hotel, and then I had the first hint there was something wrong: the cabbie never heard of the street and the Hotel on that street. So I thought the guy was new and told him to take us to the city center.

Once there I pulled my trusty HD2 and opened GM for Windows phone. The GPS signal was great and it pointed out my location perfectly.

So we started walking towards the hotel location. The morning was beginning to heat up under the Atlantic summer sun and no Hotel. We passed twice at the advertised location and nothing. I then noticed there was a second location for the same hotel referenced at GM, just a few minutes away. So we went there.

Again it was a fake information and we had to start asking locals for the Hotel. Someone said it was quite far away from the place we where, and so it was.

So I leave you here the image that details the distance between the real Hotel location (Favorite star), and point A, one of the fake hotel’s location.

Google should be more careful about this, and mention clearly  on the site and on the mobile version that a very large portion of the information it provides is most likely to be incorrect.

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