Beware of Android on your enterprise


Android has come up in the past two years to be a serious contender for the global smartphone market and many OEM’s started adopting this consumer focused new and fun platform.

However Android is not yet quite ready for business use, since it wont hold up to the security demands and standards that are in place in many other mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian and Blackberry, among others.

For example, by default many Androids won’t support PIN or password lock, and if you want to protect you personal information and company e-mail, documents in case you lose your device by remote wiping it, you can forget about it.

Also the majority of security policies available for Windows phone devices, such as blocking apps from running or installing or locking down hardware, wont work on Android smartphones.

So if you are thinking on deploying Android devices to your users, maybe you should just hold it until Android gets more business wise.

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