Deploying Xap files to a device or emulator


There might be the time were you need to show your application or game to other people without releasing the source code. Therefore it is possible to share only the xap file and deploy it to a device or to the emulator.

The RTM version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools comes with a very useful tool that allows you to do exactly this.

This application is very easy to use and is available in the following dir: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Tools\XAP Deployment

Of course that you will need a developer unlocked device or an emulator to be able to side load the xap file.

Windows Phone 7 – Uninstalling an app


I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere, so I’ve decided to share how easy it is to uninstall an application in Windows Phone 7.

Though simpler, its a bit different from Windows Mobile, so Wimo users might have some difficulty getting to it:

Just go to the applications list, tap and hold the app you wish to uninstall and the from the menu tap “uninstall”.

From the same menu you can also pin the program to the start screen, and there is another option only available on Marketplace apps, that will allow the user to rate it and review it.

Sharepoint on Windows Phone 7

On this video you can see how the SharePoint portion of the Office Hub works when accessing SharePoint sites.

It is pretty straightforward and keeps all the links and documents on cache so you can easily access them afterwards.

Of course, before you can access the site you must configure the UAG server and provide your credentials on “Settings-Application-Office-Sharepoint".

HTC Hub – Fantastic!

A video of the HTC Mozart as surfaced on the Portuguese site With it not only can you see the device, but more importantly you have a very nice preview of the HTC Hub which represent a huge advance over the HTC Sense interface.

If you don’t believe me, just see for your self!

This is fact a turning point for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 🙂

Big day for developers: WP7 Tools RTM and Advertising SDK


Windows Phone 7 as been building up as it reaches its launch date. And one of the more important aspects are the tools and resources available to the developer community.

Therefore Microsoft launched the final version of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools with the new panorama and pivot controls and the Advertising SDK that allows developers to monetize their WP7 applications via advertising.

Also many games and applications have been surfacing all over the web promising a rich Marketplace.