Samsung Omnia 7 first impressions


I have received a Samsung Omnia 7 to make a review and it looks awesome!

The device has a surprisingly good built quality, on the same level of the HTC HD2 with a metallic battery cover and other quality materials used on its construction.

The screen is also very good and is on the same level as the Onnia 2 AMOLED screen with true blacks and vivid colors, but with a greater definition.

Here are some more photos:






7 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia 7 first impressions”

  1. Hi just wondering how your finding battery life. Although I am guesing thats depending on how many games your playing.


  2. Hi, as for battery it lasted me one and half day with Wifi always on and some very intense usage (and it still had some juice in it).

    However if I turn on the My Phone feature to “Get results faster”, it lasts less time.

    I am still going to try without the Wifi connection always on and report back on how it did.

    As for the micro sd card slot, nope it doesn’t.

  3. Have you checked underneath the battery?

    Many sites reported that IF a phone has an SD slot, that’s where you’ll find it.

    If you swap the SDcard for another one the phone will have to hard reset, but then you can use the larger card.
    However, noone actually tried this yet.

    It’d be great to get this cleared up once and for all.

  4. There is no sd card slot. In the review of gsm arena you can clearly see it (and they mention it in the review i think). The orange spec sheet that many refer to is false. they made a mistake and posted the one from the samsung focus – I noticed that for example the measurements are not from the omnia either (but from the focus)

    There is no sd card slot! As far as I’ve seen (and I looked everywhere) there isn’t a 16 GB version in europe either! This is totally crap, but I’m still buying it, cause this device is otherwise freakin awesome!

  5. Your battery statement is promising. Battery life could be the only thing that keeps me from buying the omnia. do you have any more experience now?

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