Burglar Alarm for Windows Phone 7


This is my first ever published Windows Phone 7 application and it helped me to get a hang of the whole publication process from the registering to the publication of the app, which I will share later on since I believe many people will find it most useful especially to non US residents that will have to take one extra step for requesting an ITIN in case you are an individual.

Why is this application paid? Well first of I wanted to try my luck 🙂 and secondly it appeared to me that a decent idea to protect an investment such as our loyal Smartphone should be rewarded. And no less important I also wanted to get a feel of what a normal programmer that wanted to sell an app would go through.


As for the application itself, its main objective is to sound an alarm sound in case someone disconnects and moves your device while its charging with the AC adapter or while connected to your PC.

You have three different sounds to choose from, and you are able and should lock your device using a PIN.

Nevertheless it will work if you don’t lock it, and if someone moves the device, but its much less effective like this.

Anyone that is brave enough to buy it will be very welcome to say what it feels about it, and of course to suggest any improvements they would like to see in future versions.

I plan to keep improving the app, and will, of course, make future versions available for free to my loyal costumers.

To see the app on the Marketplace just click here (this link opens Zune).

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