How to recover your apps and games



Have you made a hard reset to your new Windows Phone 7, and want to reinstall your purchased music’s, or simply check your purchase history?

Well, just open up Zune, go to Settings – Account and the choose the “Purchase History” option.

From here you will be able to browse through every music you have purchased and select the “Restore all” to restore all your purchased music’s to your phone.


You can also browse through your apps purchase history so you can see what you’ve bought and downloaded in the past. When it comes to games and apps your new device will automatically install these for your, but it will take some time until you get all your apps and games back, so the fastest way to get you back on track is to simply reinstall your apps and games from the app Marketplace.

One thought on “How to recover your apps and games”

  1. Great news indeed.
    The only thing I think they must improve is regarding the uninstalled applications/games that we have. If I uninstall a program, he stays in Zune History and after a hard-reset he appears on the phone.
    Besides that, an excellent “backup” for my WP7

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