First free navigation software for Windows Phone 7?

XMaps has been available at the marketplace for some time as a paid version, and now you have the free version.

Although its not the best (by far) “navigation software” on the market it is almost unique for the Windows Phone 7 platform which doesn’t have a universal navigation software, paid or free.

Unfortunately due to the limited API’s and control over the OS the software fails in a few aspects and could be improved in others, but its worth taking it for a test drive.

The problems I noticed where:

  • Won’t prevent device from auto-locking (OS side shortcoming)
  • No voice directions
  • No re-routing in case you take a wrong turn

If the developer could just get the last two and MS allow the application to supersede the automatic locking of the device, it would make a pretty darn good free mobile navigation software.

Trouble when trying to install Exchange Server 2010 SP1

When trying to install Exchange Server 2010 SP1, the Setup would always throw out this error:

Mailbox Role

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
buildToBuildUpgrade-ExsetdataAtom -AtomName SystemAttendant -DomainController $RoleDomainController
was run: "An error occurred with error code ‘3221685221’ and message ‘Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.’.".

It had to do with the Windows Firewall being turned off.

On this server the Firewall wouldn’t work and also seemed to have “lost” a registry entry, this was why it would not load the Windows Firewall Snap-in.

Here is the registry fix for this problem:

After importing the registry entry from another server, and after I restarted the server, I was able to turn on the Firewall and then install Exchange SP1 without any problem!

A big special thanks to Ben from Microsoft for pointing me out on the right direction!

Trouble with Exchange after demoting from DC

If you’re like me, always messing around with VM’s and server configs, etc., than you might have reached a point where you had to demote your Exchange Server from the DC role.

After this your Exchange installation might start giving out some annoying errors like this:


So, being tired of this, I did some research and found this piece of valuable information over at Chris and Robin’s Blog:

The fix for me was not the highlighted one in that thread, but Adam Miceli’s comment:
“Delete this file: c:\users\<specific user>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\mmc\Exchange Management Console”

This COMPLETELY worked and we no longer receive the above errors.

It worked for me and and al is back to its normal state.

Windows Phone 7 Business Apps round-up

We already know that Windows Phone 7 is a great phone for productivity.

But how about using it with the assets you have in your company such as CRM’s, ERP’s or even getting BI metrics?

Well I have recently found a few applications that help you do just that on your Windows Phone 7:


· PushBI – This great application will get your Kpi’s metrics from a Sharepoint Server with PushBI’s software and show them to you in very rich and easy way. The server side of PushBI will allow further customization of the reports generated.




· CoreSuite Mobile – This app connects to your SAP Business One solution and shows you your costumer data, a series of reports and performance dashboards.




· 2Imaze – Allows you to access CRM information from your SAP solution.



Resco MobileCRM

· Resco Mobile CRM – This application will connect to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and show important customer information, and can be easily customized using Resco Mobile CRM Studio.



Al these solutions can be downloaded for free from the Marketplace and tested, since they all have sample data that will give you a look and feel of each solution.