Windows Phone 7 Business Apps round-up

We already know that Windows Phone 7 is a great phone for productivity.

But how about using it with the assets you have in your company such as CRM’s, ERP’s or even getting BI metrics?

Well I have recently found a few applications that help you do just that on your Windows Phone 7:


· PushBI – This great application will get your Kpi’s metrics from a Sharepoint Server with PushBI’s software and show them to you in very rich and easy way. The server side of PushBI will allow further customization of the reports generated.




· CoreSuite Mobile – This app connects to your SAP Business One solution and shows you your costumer data, a series of reports and performance dashboards.




· 2Imaze – Allows you to access CRM information from your SAP solution.



Resco MobileCRM

· Resco Mobile CRM – This application will connect to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and show important customer information, and can be easily customized using Resco Mobile CRM Studio.



Al these solutions can be downloaded for free from the Marketplace and tested, since they all have sample data that will give you a look and feel of each solution.

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