First free navigation software for Windows Phone 7?

XMaps has been available at the marketplace for some time as a paid version, and now you have the free version.

Although its not the best (by far) “navigation software” on the market it is almost unique for the Windows Phone 7 platform which doesn’t have a universal navigation software, paid or free.

Unfortunately due to the limited API’s and control over the OS the software fails in a few aspects and could be improved in others, but its worth taking it for a test drive.

The problems I noticed where:

  • Won’t prevent device from auto-locking (OS side shortcoming)
  • No voice directions
  • No re-routing in case you take a wrong turn

If the developer could just get the last two and MS allow the application to supersede the automatic locking of the device, it would make a pretty darn good free mobile navigation software.

2 thoughts on “First free navigation software for Windows Phone 7?”

  1. About the Auto-Locking :

    PhoneApplicationService.Current.UserIdleDetectionMode = IdleDetectionMode.Disabled;


  2. No re-routing is a pretty huge deal if the software isn’t incredibly good at checking for construction, traffic, etc when it pulls down directions. If something can’t calculate routes on the fly, what makes it any better than just pulling up a set of directions on the Bing Maps app? Voice directions, I’m up in the air about, but if for this app to work, you basically have to be holding the phone and tapping the screen every few minutes, and it can’t even take one missed turn in stride, I don’t really see where it’s better than the Bing Maps program that you already have.

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