Gaming on the 3 screens: PC, XBOX 360 and Windows Phone 7


Here is the screaming example of what Microsoft meant about gaming on the 3 screens: RC-AirSim is a game that can be found on the PC, the XBOX 360 and in Windows Phone 7.

The game is pretty much the same on all 3 screens, and I dare saying that on Windows Phone 7 it runs better than on my PC 🙂

Also the XBOX experience is very good, and you can notice some effects enhancements like some particles coming from the plane.

So far I’ve purchased the XBOX version, and its only too bad you have to pay for a license for each platform and that you cant just buy one license to have the game for all three platforms.

In the future, one might expect to play your favorite game anywhere you are, and hopefully you will only have purchase it once.

Problems with SharePoint Office Web Apps


Office Web Apps is very cool and useful, and I was trying it from my home PC first opening and editing an Excel document and then opening and not being able to edit a Word document.

I found this odd, since I could edit just fine Excel spreadsheets, so why wouldn’t Word docs be editable just as well?

It seems I needed to activate the Office Web Apps Feature on the Site Collection Administration and then on the Site Collection Features.

Problems with SharePoint Excel Services



I have been implement a SharePoint 2010 server coupled with an UAG ForeFront server in order to use the Sharepoint functionality in Windows Phone 7.

With that out of the way I am now trying to create some mobile forms, to see how it would look and feel on WP7, but first I wanted to create a list based on an Excel spreadsheet but SharePoint just kept giving me this error:

“This workbook cannot be opened because it is not stored in an Excel Services Application trusted location”

Luckily after a quick search I found myself at SharepointEduTech, which had exactly the solution for my problem:

Since I am using an SSL connection to access Sharepoint through UAG, I needed to add the “https://” location on the Excel Services Application.

To change this just navigate to your Central Administration site, then select “Manage Service Applications”, find and click on “Excel Services Application” and then under “Trusted File Locations” add a new trusted file location.