Ahhhh, NOW I feel like home!

I had to do it!

Microsoft has cleverly designed an intuitive and easy to use interface for touch sensitive devices.

However, I must disagree completly on keeping the same philosophy when it comes to desktops and laptops wihtout a touchscreen.

In my view, the OS should detect the presence of the touchscreen and use the correct UI.

Because quite simply, its terrible to use the W8/Metro interface with a keyboard and mouse setup.

Fortunately there are some companies out there that got this.

For instance Stardock, the very well known Software company in the Windows Mobile era thanks to their Pocket Blinds skinning software, have come up with Start8 which is beautifully made as you can see.

Ahhhh, its nice to have that familiar look and feel all over again!

OH! And it works great on Windows Server 2012!

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