Reset Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator Password with ntdsutil in Windows Server 2003

1. click “Start”- “Run”-“cmd”.
2. ntdsutil.
3. At“ntdsutil:” console, enter command“set DSRM Password”.
4. When it prompts“Reset DSRM Administrator Password:”, enter“Reset Password on server ”. is the server name of which computer you want to reset DSRM administrator password.
5. When it prompts“Please type password for DS Restore Mode Administrator Account:”, enter your new administrator password for DSRM.
6. Confirm new password.
7. Set new password successfully, the utility will return to“Reset DSRM Administrator Password:”prompt.
8. Enter“quit”, back to “ntdsutil”prompt.
9. If you will perform no other operations by ntdsutil utility, enter “quit” again to quit ntdsutil.

I attached a picture here to show you the whole process:

8 thoughts on “Reset Directory Service Restore Mode Administrator Password with ntdsutil in Windows Server 2003”

  1. Hi

    We have Win2003 Ad with 2000 users.We hv deployed corporate screen saver deployed to all users via group policy and and also disabled password protect.But some of usres who enable password protect in screen saver locally before deploying the corporate screen saver facing the problem screen saver locks the computer.and prompt for the password for resume.can some body help me..In registry i have checked Hcurrent_user –>controlpanel–>desktop –>screensaverIssecure set to 0

  2. My dog keeps getting over the back fence.
    What do you recommend?

    I guess I have as much chance as getting answered as Anand :)

  3. Receive win32 error code: 0x32 Message: Request not supported when trying to change the recovery console password on an AD 2003 member server. ntdsutil works on our DC’s, Excahnge and other member servers.

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