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Welcome to Yet Another Office 2003, and beyond, FAQ

September 3rd, 2006 by

But, this is a FAQ that attempts to solve the  new-user problem–how to you find anything in a FAQ if you do not already know the expert’s terminology of the subject matter.  This is the problem that everybody encounters when using the Yellow Pages, or looking up items in a strange catalog.  For example, I have a mail-order catalog that has a product I want, which they list as a Clearspan garage; but is really a fabric-covered quonset hut.  The shipping is 1/3 the price of the product.  I want to find one locally, but haven’t found the category that displays the providers of this product.

The solution is to have the questions written by the asking population, and the answers written by the experts.  But, when you do this, there is no real way to organize the material.  So, this faq relies entirely on a search engine.  For efficiency, I have excluded the blog entries from the aggregate listings.  When you come to the blog, you don’t have to download a humoungous page of blog aggregate.  Just this one rambling page of theory.  For greater efficiency, you should access the blog with a search request. Or, go directly to a category listing.  I will include these URLs at the end of this post.

However, the most efficient way to access this information is available to those with a spider and an engine.  Obviously, anyone with a SharePoint search facility can index this blog.  However, it is not as easy that.  The SharePoint spider cannot crawl a blog, it just accesses the aggregate page, which was never useable, in my view.  So, I developed jump tables that hold the URLs to all the individual posts in the blog, and using the techniques that I wrote up in an How To article, you can set up a content source that will allow you to index my blog posts, and then search them locally on your intranet, and then access single posts individually.  I will also include these URLs at the end of this post.

Hollis Paul
Mukilteo, WA. USA

Useful URLs:


Watch how the search terms are included in the string:


Article categories:

The Crawl\Spider articles are in the  SharePoint Category list.
 Jump Tables:


Any questions, comments, or corrections should be sent to me via the email button at the top of the left sidebar.


Thank you, and happy blog-faqing.


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