Perspective 0.9 – WPF blogging

I’ve released the version 0.9 of Perspective. The main features are :

  • A new XBAP online demo application is provided.

  • You can now build multilingual applications that support culture changing at run time.

  • SignalBinding : a binding class which throws conversion events. It prevents to write converter classes.

  • XbapHelper helps you to retrieve URI parameters of an XBAP application.

  • Joystick 2D control.

  • Workshop3D : a ready to use viewport for 3D models, with light, moveable camera and camera control panel. The camera can be controlled by mouse (with joysticks) or by keyboard.

  • New class PieSlice3D to build 3D pie charts. A contribution by Philippe Jovelin, thanks to him.

  • Many 3D shapes have now default texture coordinates, so you can apply a VisualBrush, an ImageBrush or a DrawingBrush on them : Square3D (since previous versions), Polygon3D, Box3D, Bar3D, Conical3D and Spherical3D.

The article Perspective : easy 3D programming with WPF has been updated.

And I will now blog about WPF on in English and on CodeS-SourceS in French. Stay tuned !