6 Sep 2006

On Arrival

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First, a disclaimer. When I originally booked my flight from DFW to SEATAC, it was before the London airline threat discovery and prevention and the related elevated security alerts. So, at the time, a 6:30am departure flight didn”t seem like such a big deal. However, in retrospect, what the $%@#^ was I thinking???

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep prior to the alarm going off at 3:30am so I could shower and finish packing before the shuttle arrived to pick me up at 4:00am. Don”t know why I rushed, he didn”t show until 4:15. Seeing as how I thought that would put me at the airport at 5:00 or after, I was worried I might not have enough time.

Well, for starters, there is NO traffic going to the airport at 4:15am,so we made the trip in 30 minutes. Second,I did figure out that only insane people take 6:30am fights to Seattle (via Denver) from DFW, and we”re fewer in number than the general population might otherwise acknowledge. So, by 5am, I”m not only at the airport, I”ve already gone through security and have taken a seat to wait for the next 1.5 hours to start boarding. And while I used to be a big fan of Soledad O”Brien, seeing her spout the same tripe that insists on being called news these days every half hour for the next 90 minutes was enought to put me in a really foul mood.

Fortunately, the flight was better, both legs actually. Somehow, I was the only person on the flight from DFW to Denver that was continuing on to Seattle, and while I was expecting to just wait on the plane, I got asked three different times if I”d be more comfortable leaving the plane and waiting in the lobby. Since I knew the next leg was completely full, and I hate waiting in lines in general, I passed.

Got into Seattle with no difficulty, found my obnoxious green bag with no difficulty, and found my step-brother in his blue Cooper Mini with no difficulty. Got to the hotel, checked in, and immediately took a nap.

Now that I”m back up and awake, I can honestly say that this is one of the nicer places I”ve stayed in my recent travels. I don”t think I”ll mind the location for the next 6 nights.

Plan for tonight is to have dinner with my stepbrother and his wife and kid, and I think we”re heading down to the piers (i”ve got a hankering for Red Robin – yumm), then come back to the hotel and hook up with my MVP buddies and other assorted attendees who will be in town tonight. But I can”t stay up too late, as I have to get ready for the live eOnCall broadcast tomorrow morning at 8am local time (that”s still 10am Central).

Now to find some munchies to hold me over until dinner…

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