9 Jan 2007

On Conferences

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Even though I don”t like to travel, 2006 was a big travel year for me, what with conferences in Amsterdam and Redmond, a migration project in Vermont, speaking to an SMBTN group in Detroit, and barely missing the second blizzard in Denver to end the year. Not two weeks into 2007, though, I”ve already had to make a number of decisions about travel for this year, and for a variety of reasons, I”ve had to make some really hard choices about where and where not to go.

Because of other travel commitments in March, I will not be able to attend the SMBTN annual conference in California, but I know quite a few others who will be at the SMBSummit event. I”ve also had to turn down an opportunity to go to the MS Publishing event later that month. I will also likely not be attending the SMB Nation conference in Redmond in September.

But the one event I absolutely,positively,unless I”m dead in the grave will be attending is the SBS Migration conference in New Orleans starting May 26. Yes, that”s Memorial Day weekend, but SBS Migration founder Jeff Middleton has put together a conference that will be unlike anything we”ve seen before. You can get the full details on the conference at http://conference2007.sbsmigration.com/, but there are a few key items to note. Specifically, if you are planning on attending the cruise portion of the conference (that”s right, I said cruise), you”ll need to get your room(s) booked by March 26. That”s the last date the conference block will be available, the last date you can get a 100% refund on the booking should you need to cancel (you won”t), and the date you need to have full payment made.

Even if you decide not to do the cruise (which you should), the two day land conference will provide plenty of good information from the best and brightest in the industry, as well as an opportunity to mix and mingle with your peers. Not to mention that New Orleans is a pretty cool place (so I”ve heard; I”ve never been, but I”m looking forward to my first trip there) and there will be ample opportunity to take in the city.

So make your plans now. I will be there. Will you?

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