9 Mar 2007


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So this is going to be a bit weird of a week for blogging. I”m getting to attend my first MVP Summit in Redmond/Seattle, and I really have no idea what to expect. Other than a LOT of MVPs. And when there are that many MVPs together, who knows what can happen.

But I do have to be somewhat careful about what to blog, as there will be information I”ll be on the receiving end of that is under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that I cannot talk about less I lose my MVP status, among other things. So, while there will be some very cool things I”ll get to experience, there will also be some things I just won”t be able to dicuss, now matter how much I might want to share the info with others.

Tonight I checked into the Silver Cloud in Redmond, just a few bloks from the mothership Microsoft campus. I”m still recuperating from my flight (long story, very boring, if you need to know, you”ve already been told). Tomorrow is a full day at the MS campus,followed by a dinner activity and,I”m sure, much alcohol consumption. But who”s drinking what and how much remains under, you guessed it, NDA. Sorry.

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