10 Mar 2007

On Pool

Author: q | Filed under: MVP

What better way to spend Friday night in Bellevue, WA, than having a private pool party at the Parlor Billiard Hall in Lincoln Square? Well, I can”t think of it. Outside of the Mexican food (inside joke), the evening was quite entertaining. We were treated to a billiards demonstration by a rather talented gentleman who showed off a number of tricks, including challenging a number of the MVPs to a game.

Dean Calvert, Australian SBS MVP, was one such victim. He got in exactly one shot. Well, two, but the first didn”t count. Here”s what I mean (17MB QuickTime file, so be prepared before clicking the link).

He performed a number of tricks, including this one,(12MB QuickTime download) that were quite entertaining to watch.

But more importantly for me,it was another opportunity to bond with my MVP peers, many of whom I”ve met for the first time this trip. I”m looking forward to what tomorrow brings, both in technical information and relationship building. 

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