11 Mar 2007

On Demos

Author: q | Filed under: MVP

This is the power of community, no doubt. And I had to go and miss it.

Saturday night”s activities consisted of a number of product/technology demos by MVPs for MVPs at our little pre-summit gathering in Redmond. After another full day of technical presentations that I still can”t talk about, we gathered for dinner at a lovely asian restaurant near the hotel (the food was excellent, and the company was superb). Following the dinner, several folks had previously agreed to present a 10-15 minute presentation on a topic of general interest to the room. Dana Epp discussed his product AuthAnvil, Wayne presented Colligo Contributor, Susan Bradley discussed Exchange Defender, Anne Stanton talked about CRM and Groove, and some others as well (like I said, I wasn”t there, so I may have missed out on a few things).

Wouldn”t it be wonderful if there were a conference for the community that was made up of a bunch of these sessions back to back (with breaks every now and again, of course) to just show the tools each of us are using on a regular basis and how others might be able to use them? Yeah,that would be cool… 

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