12 Mar 2007

On Music

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Even though the MVP summit is primarily a gathering for those of us nerdy enough to be in the computing profession in some way, shape, or form, sometimes some very cool non-technology things happen. Take last night, for instance. While at a gathering at the Rock Bottom Lounge, I was fortunate enough to run into Dean Paron, Program Manager for SBS at Microsoft, and his wife Aileen. Turns out that Aileen is a musician/singer who is trying to start a career in the Seattle area. They brought copies of her debut CD, Anonyma, with them, and I immediately snapped up one from them. Being a semi-pro msuciain myself, I”m always in favor of supporting local artists who are trying to make it into the scene.

I didn”t have a chance to really listen to the CD last night while I ripped it into iTunes so I can listen to it later in my iPod,but from what I heard,Aileen has an amazing voice. I promised Aileen and Mr. Aileen (sorry, Dean, you”ve taken second fiddle now) a critical review of the CD, and I”ll get to that later. But if you”d like to sample Aileen”s music yourself, there are several places you can hear it. The CD is available on iTunes, you can link to song samples on her web site, and there”s even a MySpace page for her. 

And if you”re lucky enough to meet her in person, she”ll even autograph the CD for you, I”m sure. 

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