12 Mar 2007

On Transition

Author: q | Filed under: MVP

Today many of us migrated from the Silver Cloud in Redmond to our respective hotels in Seattle proper. I landed at the Grand Hyatt, and I must say it”s a fabulous room, not that I plan on spending much time here.

Before we came over, most of us got to sit in on a session with Jeff Middleton where he shared more information about his upcoming conference with us, especially those of us who are going to be contributing to the conference in one way or another. You”ll be able to see more information about the conference at the site shortly, as Jeff continues to provide updates to the content on a regular basis, and if you haven”t looked at the site in a while, you should.

Now it”s time to start thinking about the Summit proper, and, of course, wonder if there will be any other fallout from the DST changes that happened early this morning. My Mac Powerbook picked up the changes, no problem. My PDA didn”t,but I haven”t loaded the updates yet. My watch,on the other hand, is presenting a bit of a problem. It syncs nightly with the atomic clock in Colorado, which sends out DST updates at the appropriate times, so I never have to adjust my watch. Well, it didn”t sync with the clock last night, so it didn”t get the update. I”ll hope that it updates in the next day or two, or I”ll just have to rely on my PDA to keep my time straight. 

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