13 Mar 2007

On Introductions

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Sandi, meet Eriq. Eriq, meet Sandi. Should have been that simple, but it wasn”t. Let me pull back the curtains a bit: 

Australian MVP Sandi Hardmeier has been a guest on the eOnCall show a number of times. With her March 1 episode, she shortly became the more frequent guest on the show. Given the show recording times and the show prep, Sandi and I have interacted quite a bit in the few months I”ve been privy to know her. So, imagine how excited I was to finally get to meet her in person, since she”s coming to the Summit as well.

Sunday afternoon, following a smooth checkin procedure at the Hyatt, a group of us SBSers got together and headed down the street for lunch. While we were waiting on the food to be delivered, I stepped out into the street to call home and check in. Suddenly, Wayne Small is shouting at someone while standing next to me. “Sandi!” he shouted loud enough that my wife recognized his voice over the cell phone. I immediately knew who he was yelling at,and I said “Cool,I finally get to meet Sandi Hardmeier.”

Sandi had just passed down the street, and Wayne had just happened to see her pass, hence his hurried exit from the restaurant, and shouted greeting. So Sandi and her travelling companion turned around and came into the restaurant for a few minutes. That was the time when I went up to her and introduced myself, saying, “Hi, I”m Eriq Neale.” She shook my hand and said “Yes, I know who you are” and thus the introductions were complete. After meeting the rest of the folks at the table, she and her companion left, and I got back to the important task of putting food in my stomach.

Later that afternoon, I popped into Wayne”s room, and there was Sandi, as well as a number of other folks. We chatted for a while, and I departed.

This morning as I got up and was getting ready to head in, Sandi pinged me in IM, asking if I was going to be at the afternoon session. I said that I was, and she told me that she was, too, and couldn”t wait to meet me.

Ummmm, this is the same Sandi Hardmeier I met yesterday, right?

Playing the dummy, I suggested that perhaps we had met already yesterday, and that”s when she put two and two together, and suddenly started talking about jet lag or some such nonsense.

So, at the afternoon session, I made a point of going up to Sandi and introducing myself. And I”ll make a point of introducing myself to her the first time I see her each day the rest of the week, just in case she forgets again. 

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