14 Mar 2007

On Updates

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Well, turns out it”s not just me that can be a little off when it comes to updating things. Today, (well, yesterday based on the time this actually gets posted) Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003. Only there are a couple of issues with the release. Still waiting on additional information, but here”s what can be found out at the moment:

1. W2K3SP2 is being offered through WindowsUpdate/MicrosoftUpdate. I had it in my head somewhere that Service Packs weren”t offered through Windows Update, but apparently I got my wires crossed on that one.
2. There are issues if you need to upgrade a server TO Windows SBS 2003 SP1. As documented in KB932600, you have to uninstall SP2 if you need to upgrade a Windows 2003 server to SBS 2003, or upgrade an eval copy of SBS 2003 to production SBS 2003. Sorta makes sense, as when you run the SBS 2003 installer, it”s going to put SP1 on the server and will have issues if SP2 is already there, but it”s interesting nonetheless.
3. You have to uninstall IE7 from your Windows Server 2003 box before you can install SP2. This is according to a Technet article. I”m not sure what the story is on this, but I have several servers I”ll need to uninstall IE7 from before I”m able to install SP2 apparently. Joy.
4. It really is going to get pushed out through Automatic Updates,so if you don”t want to have it go on automatically,you can get a tool that will block deployment of SP2.

More to come, I”m sure… 

UPDATE 3/14/07 – Seems some folks out there have been able to install SP2 without removing IE7. Still waiting on final word on this, but there is at least anecdotal information that #3 above may not actually be an installation stop point.


UPDATE 3/15/07 – The issue with needing to uninstall IE7 prior to installing SP2 is an error in the release notes. The document should be updated shortly, but there is no need to uninstall IE7 prior to installing SP2. Also, the SP will not be pushed down through Automatic Updates until June 2007. It does show up as a Critical Update when you manually go to the Microsoft Update web site and check for updates, but Automatic Updates is not offering it until later. It does appear in WSUS as an approvable installation. The Official SBS Blog also has a post about installing SP2 on SBS 2003.

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