17 Mar 2007

On SP2

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OK, after the initial flurry of activity related to the release of Windows Server 2003 SP2, which I”ve tried to keep updated in the original post, it seems some things have settled down, and some others have come up. Here”s what we “know” right now:

1. The bit about having to uninstall IE7 is NOT for all cases. There are some cases involving a reinstall of the core OS that would put IE6 back on top of IE7 that could cause problems, but the initial documentation noted that IE7 had to be uninstalled before SP2 could be installed. That document was wrong, and should have been corrected by now.

2. There are a couple of cases noted where IIS has not started the web sites after a restart of the box immediately following the install. This has not been the case on many boxes, and I haven”t seen it on the boxes I”ve loaded the update on, but it has been reported more than once. Hopefully the common underlying cause will be identified quickly so we can avoid that in the future.

3. There are also reports that machines running the ISA Firewall client are unable to find the ISA server following a reboot of the box that just had SP2 installed. Again, not on every server, and I haven”t seen that on the one ISA box I”ve installed SP2 on, but it has been reported.

4. Some reports about DHCP problems have also been noted,but it”s not yet clear if those are related to SP2 or another factor.

All in all,the vast majority of folks who have installed this on SBS seem to have no issues at all, so if you want to move forward, you should probably be OK, but you might want to take the stance of holding off for a bit and see what else happens to the early adopters.

There are also some new GPO settings related to SMB signing (joy) so I”ll be researching and documenting that aspect of SP2 and will post updates to existing and new documents that deal with SMB signing and GP in general. 

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  1. bradley Says:

    1.  Don”t uninstall IE7
    2.  The IIS not restarting appears to just be a hard first reboot.  Kick it again and it”s fine.  
    3.  Appears to also clear up on reboot
    4.  May be due to the fact that the sp2 has two things.. network scalable pack for one/ISA not being latest and greatest for another
    Network applications that use the NetBT keep-alive transmissions may not work correctly after you install the Windows Server 2003 Scalable Networking Pack on a Windows Server 2003-based computer:
    VPN clients can no longer access internal resources after you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 on a computer that is running ISA Server 2000:

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