19 Mar 2007

On Finishing DST Updates

Author: q | Filed under: Coolness

Friday night, after flying back home from the MVP summit, I wrapped up the last item on my DST to-do list. It wasn”t related to Outlook, Exchange, my PDA, or my Mac, but it was rather bothersome while I was in Seattle and couldn”t do anything about it. Such are the joys of having a watch that syncs with the atomic clock.

No big deal, right? Just change the time on the watch and be done with it! Well, that”s exactly why I looked high and low for this particular type of watch. I wanted to get one that would sync with the atomic clock so I”d never have to set the time on the watch again. The nicest thing is that it automatically adjusts for DST. When it can receive the signal from the atomic clock, that is. And that”s the problem I ran into while in Seattle. Normally, the watch listens for the atomic clock radio signal starting at 3am local time and tries for 3 hours to pull the signal and sync. While in Seattle, though,the watch was unable to receive the signal from Colorado. So,no DST updates.

While I was sleeping Friday night, the watch finally pulled the signal and set itself correctly. Now I”m finally able to keep time on my wrist without math. Joy! 

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