16 Oct 2007

On Irony

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For the last couple of months, I”ve been working (at the request of a couple of my clients) to enter the Apple Authorized Business Agent program with my business. I”ve had several clients who have started incorporating the Macintosh platform into their businesses and wanted to be able to help us get “credit” for the sale of Mac hardware that we”ve been discussing with them. Which, really, is the whole point of the Business Agent program. Two clients specifically have been holding off on Mac purchases specifically until we”ve got the program up and running so they could make sure we get the appropriate credit.

So how ironic is it that the first purchase that goes through our online store is none other than Susan Bradley? Not that Susan has been a Mac basher by any means, in fact, she has a Mac category on her blog (granted, there”s a lot of links that point back to posts I”ve put up, but then her blog is read by thousands, and I”d like to personally thank both of you who are reading this blog). I just never would have dreamed that I”d help push a Mac sale into Susan”s hands, or that she”d beat me to the blog post about it. OK, maybe I”m not so surprised that she beat me to the blog post.

Just goes to show that you never know…

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