26 Oct 2007

On Leopard, Part 1

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Today is a big day for the Mac community – Apple is releasing Leopard, otherwise known as Mac OS X 10.5, at 6pm local time around the globe. Apple Stores around the world are putting on large showcases and thousands and thousands, if not millions, will be flocking in to pick up their very own copy of the OS. Unless you pre-ordered, that is.

Those who went to the Apple Store on-line on October 16, 2007, could pre-order Leopard (in the single-serving or family pack packages) to be delivered on October 26. So if you didn”t want to wait in line with the mobs who will be converging on the Apple Stores (and other places that sell Mac stuff, let”s not forget them) to get their copies, you could order on-line and get it shipped to your very own address, wherever that is.

So yours truly placed his order on October 16 and arranged his work days for October 26 and 27 to focus on Leopard. The plan is to have an updated “Connecting your Macintosh to SBS 2003 via SMB” document ready for publication by Monday so those who find themselves in that situation can get the Leopard Mac connected with minimal effort and hair pulling.

Only there”s one small flaw with that plan: the Store shows that my order has not shipped yet. Kind of hard to received something today that hasn”t been shipped yet.

Well, I”ve worked with a number of other vendors who have had issues getting shipping information updated in their on-line order systems. I can recall a number of times when tracking information was not available on the vendor web site until after the package arrived at its destination. So,I”m thinking (hoping) that”s the case with Apple. Still,it warrants a phone call.

Oops. Maybe I shouldn”t have called. Not only does Apple”s tracking system show that the product hasn”t shipped yet, it shows that it hasn”t even been prepped for shipment. So unless there”s a large quantity of Leopard boxes in a warehouse in the DFWD area (which wouldn”t surprise me, honestly) and they”re arranging for a same-day shipping process, I”m not hopeful that I”ll actually be removing the shrink wrap on Leopard today.

Still, this could be all of Apple”s plan for keeping control of when Leopard actually gets in the hands of the public. It wouldn”t surprise me a bit if the shipping information hasn”t been updated deliberately to keep the information under wraps. I think that”s giving Apple a little too much credit, though. I think I”m set up for a bit of a disappointment today and will have to wait until Monday (Lord, I hope it”s not later than that) to crack the case and start working on the docs.

In the meantime, I updated the “Connecting a Macintosh to SBS 2003 via SMB” document to address some of the user interface changes that both Apple and Microsoft have introduced into the various software pieces since the original posts were made almost three years ago. Hopefully that will be useful for someone…

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