28 Oct 2007

On Leopard, Part 3

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A Saturday morning trip to the area Apple Store finally got me my very own copy of Leopard. I would rather have had the media in my hands on Friday as indicated with the initial order, but I need to get outside sometimes, or so people keep telling me.

At any rate, I”ve now done two Leopard installs as tests, and so far, so good. One clean install on my non-Intel Powerbook took about an hour. I had a couple of issues with kernel panics on startup, but I”m not certain that it wasn”t because of an issue with the external hard drive I was using for the install. The other was an upgrade to a clean build of Tiger on an external drive, and that went well.

I”m working today to get several Mac connectivity docs updated with Leopard info. Those docs will be posted at my Lessons Learned blog, and I”ll be putting together a version with screen shots that will be available over at smallbizserver.net.

From a feature set point of view, I”m very pleased with what I”ve seen thus far with Leopard. Screens is a practical virtual desktop tool that I”ve been missing for a long, long time. Time Machine looks like a very capable backup tool, which can hopefully be used to back up to a network device in addition to local disk. Safari launches and runs much faster than before. I really think that Mac users have a lot to be happy about with this version of the OS. I”ll be interested to see how it fares with Parallels and Fusion and some of the other tools that I use in my business daily,but initially I”m on board with the new OS,now that I finally have my hands on it.

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