18 Dec 2007

On Downgrading

Author: q | Filed under: Frustrations, Leopard, Parallels

Well, my experiment with Leopard and Parallels has come to a close. As of this morning, I”m back running Tiger and Parallels build 4128. I was able to get Build 5582 running on Leopard and mostly had everything the way it should be, but performance was HORRIBLE! Now, I had made a number of changes all at the same time, so it could have been any one of them. I was running Leopard on an external firewire drive, so that could have caused performance issues (however, my XP hard disk image has been running on another external firewire drive for months, and that posed no problems). I also updated to OFfice 2007 SP1 because of the lingering performance issues I”ve seen with Office 2007 in general, and overall that seems to have done nothing. Plus, I did upgrade Parallels from 4128 to 5582, and who know.

So I retracted in several steps. First,I went back to my default Tiger system,keeping Office 2007 SP1 installed and Parallels build 5582. Same performance issues. So it”s not Leopard itself or running the main OS from an external firewire disk that caused the problems. Then I went back and installed Parallels build 4128, and bingo, all my performance issues went away., even leaving Office 2007 SP1 on (I won”t say that Office 2007 performance has improved over what I was seeing, it just went back to what it had been before the Leopard/Parallels test.

So, to keep my sanity and performance intact, I”m sticking with this for the time being. Next step will be to give that Fusion a real run for it”s money and see how insane that makes me before I go back to this configuration. I must say, though, that I am getting more and more disappointed with the steps, or lack thereof, that Parallels is making with their recent builds. And I”ve been unable to get anyone at Parallels to follow up on the requests I”ve made for assistance, even after following their guidelines for requesting support. We”ll see what Fusion has to say about all of this.

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