20 Feb 2008

On SBS 2008

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Yep, it”s now official. Microsoft has released some additional information about the next version of the Small Business Server product line, and we can finally start sharing some infomation about it.

SBS 2008, what we had lovingly called Cougar up until now, is part of a larger family of products known as the Windows Essential Server Solutions, which includes Cougar (SBS 2008) and Centro (Essential Business Server 2008) as the first two members of the family. The Official SBS Blog has information about the product lines, and Microsoft has posted a page for the product family as well.

The most significant change in SBS 2008 from previous releases of SBS is the inclusion of a second server in the Premium edition, moving SBS from a single-server solution to a two-server solution. SQL 2008 is included in the Premium edition along with a license for Windows Server 2008 to put SQL on the second server.

There are still a number of questions that we don”t have answers for yet. The release date has not been announced. Full details about the technologies that will be bundled with SBS have not been published yet. I”m sure some of this information will be made available from Microsoft through the remainder of the development cycle, but I”m also sure that there are a few things we won”t know until we get actual shipping media in our hands.

In addition, I”m also glad to officially announce that I”m working with a team of authors to bring you Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed, which is expected to hit the bookstores around the same time the product is actually available in the marketplace. The authoring team remains under strict NDA about the product, so we won”t be able to share any NDA information until the product,and the book,are finally released.

2 Responses to “On SBS 2008”

  1. Billy Says:

    Hi Guys,
    So is a second server absolutely required for SQL server or will the system allow a monolithic install of all the programs?

  2. eriq Says:

    putting SQL on the second server is an option, but not required. Depending on the expected load on the SQL application, compared to the “beefiness” of the SBS server, it could go on either box. There is nothing in the licensing that requires SQL to be installed on the second server.

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