28 Jun 2010

On Samaritanism

Author: q | Filed under: Observations, QonCall

OK, I have no idea if that”s a real word in the title, but you”ll get the idea momentarily. I”m starting a new approach for some of the content on this blog which will hopefully allow me to get some of my thoughts/ideas out a little quicker. I can”t tell you how many blog posts are running around in my head, realized in a moment of inspiration and lost in the lack of time that has been my life over the last year. Well now that I have a handy little device that will allow me to record quick little video snippets wherever I happen to be and then post them on YouTube, I can quickly get my thoughts recorded and then relatively easily posted here.

So today, we start the QonCall series of video posts with an event that happened to me this morning, and it turned a probably horrible Monday into a day that didn”t suck quite as bad. Here”s the story:


Now to figure out how to better automate this process. But that”s a challenge for a later day…

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