Developing web application with time zones support

When you develop web application you should know that client PCs can be located anywhere on earth. Even if you develop app just for your country users you should remember it (in Russia now we have 9 time zones, before 28 of March we had 11 time zones). On big sites with many members do it very easy – you can place field “time zone” in member profile, in Sharepoint I saw this solution, and many enterprise app do it like this. But if we have simple website with blog publications or website with news and we don’t have member profiles on server, how we can support user’s time zones?

I thought about this question because I wanted to develop time zone support on my own site. My case is ASP.NET MVC app and MS SQL Server DB. First, I started from learning which params we have at HTTP headers, but it doesn’t have information about it. So we can’t use regional settings and methods DateTime.ToLocalTime and DateTime.ToUniversalTime until we get user time zone on server. If we used our app before without time zones support we need to change dates from local time zone to UTC time zone (something like Greenwich Mean Time).

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