MAPI Error on Outlook 2007

Additional information found about this error is that it is not resolved or caused by any one issue.  Some have resolved it by doing diagnostics on theirs sytesm, or working with Outlook Express as I mentioned in my last post.  Lastly, I resolved another persons by remove all Adobe add-ins and reinstalling only what was needed.  Issue is now resolved.   At least the issue my current customer(s) were experience have been resolved and hopefully more will come down the pipe on how to prevent this from occuring. 

3 thoughts on “MAPI Error on Outlook 2007”

  1. People need to know about the goofy bug in Outlook 2007 where if you have a Plain Text message and “check spelling before sending” turned on, Outlook will go through the motions of spell checking (and correcting), but the sent email will have none of the corrections made. How this bug got through testing is just bizarre.


  2. says i have an error opening the out look window and to use the repair tool to fix the problem but i am unable to get it to work or to use the repair tool

  3. As a COO, I always manually send and receive in case I want to chage something. I get the error consistently when I compose and send the email to the outbox and then try to open and recompose the meassage. When I hit send again, I get the error. About 1/2 of the time, the old version of the message went out.


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