Sharing and Central Location

Customer is requesting that we share her calendar.  Seems like a simple enough request, but I have been in this industry long enough to know that a litte more up front assessment saves more time on the back end.  

As it turned out she really needs a central location for multiple people to track  and share various consulting schedules. Of course, I could have shared the calendar or even created another calendar on her mailbox to share.  But is this best solution for multiple people to access a common location? 

Another option is to create a Public Folder for Calendars, Contacts or Inbox.   Is this the best option if Public Folders are going away eventually? 

Typically, I find creating a mailbox and having those that need access to it to add it as Addtional Mailbox works great.  But this may not be the best solution in all situations and the right one can only be determine after assessing the need(s)

If there is no Exchange Server then check out the link below –

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