Using Parallel HttpClientConnection objects in SSIS

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In SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) you often need to talk with web resources like WCF services. To do that you will generally define the connection using Connection Manager and HTTP. This sets up SSIS to communicate with the remote resource. To use the connection you normally use a script task to get the connection… Continue reading Using Parallel HttpClientConnection objects in SSIS

Creating a Money Type

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.NET does not have a type to represent monetary values. In general you will simply use Decimal as it has the necessary accuracy. This has some limitations though: Without looking at surrounding code it is difficult to tell if a variable represents money or simply a large decimal value Currency information is not part of… Continue reading Creating a Money Type

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Simplifying ADO.NET Data Access, Part 6

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Time to finish up the series on simplifying data access using ADO.NET. We have simplified everything around ADO.NET except for actually retrieving the results. This is probably the most complicated part of ADO.NET given the need for cleaning up the reader, enumerating the results and reading the actual data. We can simplify all this logic… Continue reading Simplifying ADO.NET Data Access, Part 6