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Diskeeper 2012

Published on: Author: Michael

Condusiv has recently released the next version of Diskeeper, 12.  I’ve been running it for a while now and I’m still satisfied with the way it optimizes my drives without eating up the resources.  Traditionally I wipe my machine on a yearly basis because of all the extra stuff that gets installed and the slow… Continue reading

VS2012 RC

Published on: Author: Michael

Now that VS 2012 RC is available I think it is time to reevaluate VS 2012 and see where it stands. The biggest complaint most people threw at the Beta was the dullness of the colors.  MS heard and backtracked on the coloring a little.  While not fully completed by the RC, VS2012 now has… Continue reading

(Free) WinForms/WPF is Dead in VS2012 Express

Published on: Author: Michael

UPDATE: Great news!!! Microsoft has seen the error of their ways.  They have formally announced that they will in fact release VS2012 Express for desktop apps (instead of just Metro) –  This is a big win for students and hobbyists. Well VS2012 is finally in RC mode.  I have to say the UI is looking… Continue reading