License Policy

What do you think about license policy? The CAL I mean.

This week I went to a client. They are a software house and have around 40 workstations and 2 servers. They were using Linux since 3 years ago and were having many problems. As a matter of fact Linux rules my state. Around 70% out of the businesses use it.

So I went there and offered a solution using SBS Premium through Action Pack (which comes with 10 CALs) plus 30 aditional CALs.

The Action Pack would cost him $ 820, plus $ 5400 on CALs and $ 400 (monthly)  for support. He chose to keep the Linux as he pays $ 500 (monthly) for support and no CALs cost.

The most out of business here who opt to use Linux, do this because of CALs cost. How bigger could the windows market share be if we could simplify and make CALs cost cheapper and easier??

When I user buys a Windows XP Pro he/she is paying more to have the business features, so why do he/she need to pay even more to connect it to the server? Shouldnt it be paid yet?

I understand that CAL make a lot of revenue, but wouldnt the Linux share overcome that?

Any thoughts?

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