Security issues with OpenOffice

OpenOffice Worm infects desktops:

·        6 Security issues in OpenOffice:

·        OpenOffice security insufficient:

·        French Ministry of Defence questions OpenOffice security: \

·        Russian company hacks OpenOffice password-protected documents:

·        OpenOffice security falls short: (Mentions OO is less secure than MS Office)

·        Password-cracker defeats OO document security:,289625,sid39_gci1254328,00.html

·        Disabling Hyperlinks feature broken:

·        Crossplatform worm hijacks OpenOffice:,132235/article.html

· identifies multiple security issues:

·        In-depth study finds OpenOffice Security lacking: (This is a great, detailed PDF, by a security firm.)

2 thoughts on “Security issues with OpenOffice”

  1. OpenOffice Worm infects desktops:
    June 11, 2007

    OpenOffice security is questioned
    August 14, 2006

    These are great… got anything new…if not… what’s the reason for the post???

  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I should have explained better in the post. It was motivated by a friend who asked me if I had anything on Open Office security. I had only those old links so I posted them, but forgot to mention they were old, even being from a recent past, so not that old.

    Anyway, they are old, not obsolete as they are not all solved nor in backlog yet, so some are still a concern and must be remembered.

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